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Conversion Tracking

Are You Keeping Track of Your Conversions?

No matter what your online marketing campaign goals, measuring the success of your campaign should be an integral part of your online strategy. Website traffic is certainly one metric that can be gauged to assess your campaign’s effectiveness, but tracking conversions provides a much more targeted assessment. This deeper look at what’s working and what’s not can then help you adjust your campaign to improve results-- and the return on your online marketing investment as well!

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Elements of a Great Website

Consider These Important Design Elements in Building Your Website

Your business’s website serves as a crucial link between you and your customers. Not only does it provide your existing customers with important information about your services, but it should also work to draw in new business. Thus, whether you are developing a new website or reconfiguring your old one, you need to incorporate design elements that are responsive and attract new website traffic. This includes carefully designed landing pages that capture outside attention and encourage visitors to explore the rest of your website.

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Facebook Ads

Your Social Media Campaign Should Absolutely Include Facebook Ads

If you’re not using Facebook advertising as part of your social media marketing efforts, then you are missing out on one of the most cost-effective and strategic means of reaching your target audience. With more than 2 billion monthly Facebook users, representing about 80% of the online population, Facebook has by far the biggest reach of all social media platforms (Google excluded, as it is not technically a social media platform). Additionally, Facebook advertising provides multiple unique options that can be tailored according to marketing objectives and target markets. In fact, no other social media platform comes close to Facebook in offering such a breadth of options in both targeting a specific market and in how you engage with it.

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