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Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?

There are numerous ways to optimize your online marketing efforts to boost website traffic. Most digital marketing optimization efforts—such as search engine optimization (SEO)—are tailored specifically to increase website traffic. This, of course, is designed to capture more potential customers and lead to more sales. But there is also a tool you should be using that helps broaden the reach of your website while also encouraging an organic boost in sales.

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Rank Your Website with these Elements

Elements Your Website Needs to Rank

We find it hard to believe, but about one-third of the nation’s small businesses still do not have a website. Hard to believe because so much of today’s business activity is Internet-driven. Consider first that more than 90% of consumers research products and services on the Internet from websites that rank before making a purchase. This suggests that absent a website, your business may have slashed its potential customer base by 90%.

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Paid Search Advertising vs. Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Search Advertising Versus Paid Social Media Advertising

Anyone can see that Internet-based advertising saturates the World Wide Web these days, but many small business owners do not understand how the different types of digital marketing can boost sales or otherwise spur customer engagement. If nothing else, small business owners should familiarize themselves with paid search advertising and paid social media advertising. Both of these digital marketing strategies have proven highly effective at capturing new customers and boosting customer engagement.

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