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Keep an Eye on Voice Search and Plan to Optimize For It

Emerging trends are already influencing the fast-changing digital marketing world and shifting the ground rules and tactics of search engine optimization (SEO). Key among these emerging trends is the rapid rise of Internet voice search, which represents a variation to traditional typed searches and a subsequent need to account for it in SEO practice. Because Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing keeps on top of all developments in the changing digital marketing space, it is following the rise of voice search and tactics for optimizing it with great interest. Read on to learn what we know about voice search optimization so far, and what small businesses should be doing to utilize it going forward.

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Google+ is shutting down, small businesses turn to Google My Business

Google+ Shuts Down April 2—Time to Shift to Google My Business

Google’s plans to shut down Google+ for consumers is coming to a head as the company has set an April 2 deadline for its closure and subsequent deletion of all Google+ content. This will effectively end all small business outreach and marketing efforts via the Google+ platform, though such efforts have generally been on the wane for months. As previously reported by Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing, Google is shutting down the platform due to limited adoption by Google users and issues relating to a data bug. In preparation for this action, Moxxi Marketing has been assisting small business clients who use Google+ with their migration into using the many features offered by Google My Business (GMB).    

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Inbound online marketing stragegies in Southwest Florida

What is “Inbound Marketing” Anyway?

As a business owner or manager, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “inbound marketing.” And you can be excused if you don’t know exactly what it is referring to, as it is just part of the jargon describing “online marketing,” which is also referred to as “content marketing and “Internet marketing.” While all of these terms refer to similar marketing strategies, “inbound marketing” specifically refers to the strategy of using the Internet and social media to get the customer to organically come to you.

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