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Get Creative and Take Advantage of Google My Business “Posts”

Google My Business (GMB) has emerged as one of the best tools a business can use to manage how its company is featured throughout all Google products and platforms. Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing believes that GMB should be an integral component of every company’s online marketing strategy, and has long kept close tabs on its evolution. Among the more unique features offered by Google My Business is the ability to include a “post” front and center in a company’s GMB listing. Not only do these posts help improve local search rankings for a company, but they allow it to prominently feature any number of different messages specifically targeting potential customers in Google search results.

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Facebook Changing Business Reviews, Page Templates

Facebook is reportedly phasing out its five-star review function on Facebook business pages, and implementing a new binary “yes” or “no” review system based on “recommendations.” Under this system users are asked whether they would recommend this business. By clicking either yes or no, users can than provide “rich endorsement” text feedback on their experience with the business, as well as upload any related images and add tags.

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