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Consider LinkedIn Events for Hosting Professional Virtual Events

The global COVID-19 pandemic significantly boosted the importance of digital communications. Without such digital resources that allow people to hold virtual meetings and other events, many companies would have struggled to maintain operations during the pandemic. This has helped make “Zoom” a digital communications buzzword and led to an expansion of digital communications and virtual meeting capabilities.

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Understand The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO, and How is it Related to the Importance of SERP?

If you own or manage a business, your company probably has a website. But do you actively try to drive traffic to your website? Do you manage your website in a manner designed to ensure that it ranks highly on the SERP? Are you using SEO to maintain or boost its SERP ranking? Do you even know what SERP and SEO are?

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Moxxi Marketing Offers Tips for Mastering Meaningful Small Talk

The global COVID-19 pandemic has given a huge boost to social media and has made social media platforms even more instrumental for sharing information. Meanwhile, real-time in-person communications between and among people has declined considerably. While the pandemic continues to rage on, personal interactions are becoming more common as governments lift lockdowns and people edge towards a return to normalcy.

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