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Google Search Console is a Great Complement to Google Analytics

Pretty much everyone involved with online marketing uses Google Analytics, but are you also using Google Search Console? If you answer no, you’re not alone, as many online marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals overlook this valuable SEO tool. This is somewhat understandable given how much important information—visitor numbers, bounce-rate, time spent on site, visitor location, recurring traffic, keyword conversion rates, and more—is provided by Google Analytics. 

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Facebook Pages Experience

Facebook Offers Revamped New Page Experience For Businesses

If you manage one of the more than 65 million businesses that utilize Facebook for social media marketing efforts, prepare for some changes because Facebook is giving the site a partial makeover. Facebook is now offering a new “Page experience” designed to help businesses enhance their community engagement and better achieve business objectives. Not to be confused with Google’s new “Page Experience” that expands SEO ranking factors, the new Facebook Page experience involves the layout and interactive features of a business’s Facebook presence. In particular, Facebook’s new Page experience includes:

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