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New GMB Features Help Businesses Manage COVID-19 Response

New GMB Features Help Businesses Manage COVID-19 Response

Given that Google My Business (GMB) tends to add new features or revise existing ones frequently, it’s not surprising to find that many businesses may not yet be taking advantage of all the latest GMB features. And with the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on business operations, this is more true now than ever. However, if your business uses GMB as part of its online marketing strategy you should review the latest GMB feature options, as they can help your business inform customers about its COVID-19 response.

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Understanding Landing Page Basics

Your Naples, Florida-area business undoubtedly promotes itself with a website and you are familiar with its primary pages, such as homepage, about page, contact page, and perhaps a blog page. But do you know what a “landing” page is? And no, it’s not another term for the home page, based on the mistaken belief that “landing” refers to successfully getting visitors to your site. A landing page is a distinct marketing tool with a single-goal focus of encouraging a response from those landing on it. While standard web pages can also encourage a response, they tend to be multi-functional and multi-purposeful. Landing pages, which can also be called “lead capture,” “static,” and “destination” pages exist solely to generate a “call-to-action” (CTA) response. 

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Boost Your Website’s Search Results Ranking with Structured Data

If your business relies on a website for marketing, you’re undoubtedly familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) and understand the importance of keywords and a few other SEO best practices. But are you aware of structured data, or schema? It’s a special kind of code that helps search engines such as Google efficiently interpret the most relevant information on your web pages to optimize search results. In fact, along with improving search results, structured data can help improve the clarity of your web pages’ displayed search results in ways that can increase user click-throughs to your pages.

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