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Top Five Things to Consider in Ensuring Healthcare Website HIPAA Compliance

With a dedicated focus on digital marketing for healthcare-related companies, Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing needs to keep abreast of regulatory and ethical issues that may dictate how and what our clients communicate online. Thus, when building websites or initiating marketing campaigns for our healthcare industry clients, we need to follow healthcare association ethical directives, as well as federal laws designed to protect patients from false advertising and breach of privacy.

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Google My Business Short Names

Boost Your Online Presence with Google My Business Short Names

If you follow the Moxxi Marketing blog then you know that we are strong proponents of using Google My Business (GMB) as an essential part of any online marketing strategy. We recently detailed benefits of using GMB Posts, and now it’s time to review another emerging feature—GMB Short Names! Read on as Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing explains how your business can use GMB Short Names to expand the reach of your digital marketing efforts.

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Conversion Tracking

Are You Keeping Track of Your Conversions?

No matter what your online marketing campaign goals, measuring the success of your campaign should be an integral part of your online strategy. Website traffic is certainly one metric that can be gauged to assess your campaign’s effectiveness, but tracking conversions provides a much more targeted assessment. This deeper look at what’s working and what’s not can then help you adjust your campaign to improve results– and the return on your online marketing investment as well!

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