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Facebook Offers Revamped New Page Experience For Businesses

If you manage one of the more than 65 million businesses that utilize Facebook for social media marketing efforts, prepare for some changes because Facebook is giving the site a partial makeover. Facebook is now offering a new “Page experience” designed to help businesses enhance their community engagement and better achieve business objectives. Not to be confused with Google’s new “Page Experience” that expands SEO ranking factors, the new Facebook Page experience involves the layout and interactive features of a business’s Facebook presence. In particular, Facebook’s new Page experience includes:

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SEO Ranking Poised To Change With Google’s New Page Experience

Keeping your website high in the search engine rankings is a crucial component of online marketing. It can take significant time and commitment given that Google algorithms analyze an estimated 200-plus factors to generate its constant rankings. Naturally, few online marketing specialists can devote resources to perfectly tweak their websites to account for all of those factors. But most make sure to account for the primary search engine optimization (SEO) factors believed to carry the most weight in the rankings. This would include:

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Twitter Adds New “Fleeting Thoughts” Message Function

Social media platform Twitter has added a new feature designed to increase engagement by its 340 million or so members. Twitter’s “Fleets” function allows users to post Tweets that disappear in 24 hours. Similar to the disappearing post format used by Instagram and Snapchat, Fleets lets users share thoughts and information that they may not want to remain permanent. As noted by Twitter product designers, “we’re launching Fleets so everyone can easily join the conversation in a new way—with their fleeting thoughts.”

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Moxxi Marketing has Joined Lasso Up

We have merged forces with Lasso Up. Please visit the new website or call us at (888) 700 9412!