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Creating SEO-Friendly FAQ Pages

Does your company’s website have any frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages?

If not, you are missing out on some key benefits FAQ pages provide to your digital marketing efforts. Consider first that an SEO-friendly FAQ page can optimize a customer’s on-site experience with your website by helping them quickly find information they might be seeking about a product and/or service.

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Meta Versus Facebook—What Has Changed?

It’s been just over a year since Facebook announced its rebrand as Meta, so we thought it would be an opportune time to review what has changed and assess whether there have been any impacts on digital marketing on the platform. The social media platform is still called Facebook, and its digital marketing options haven’t undergone any changes. So, what gives, and what’s going on with Meta?

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Why Blogs Are Important for Your Business’s Online Presence

Most people who run small businesses understand the importance of maintaining an online presence, but many do not comprehend the underlying components that boost the effectiveness of digital marketing. Along with a “build a website, and they will come” mentality about digital marketing, many business owners and managers do not have time to figure out the nuances of building a successful online presence.

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Moxxi Marketing has Joined Lasso Up

We have merged forces with Lasso Up. Please visit the new website or call us at (888) 700 9412!