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Consider LinkedIn Events for Hosting Professional Virtual Events

The global COVID-19 pandemic significantly boosted the importance of digital communications. Without such digital resources that allow people to hold virtual meetings and other events, many companies would have struggled to maintain operations during the pandemic. This has helped make “Zoom” a digital communications buzzword and led to an expansion of digital communications and virtual meeting capabilities.

This virtual meeting capability has also led to the rise of virtual events. In fact, numerous events are now being held virtually, including:

  • Conferences
  • Summits
  • Product launches
  • Workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Presentations
  • Webinars
  • Virtual cocktail parties
  • Roundtable talks
  • Live Q&A sessions

While there are dozens of digital communications portals and virtual meeting platforms, none of them provide an easy way to publicize and promote details of such virtual events. And, if you’re involved with digital marketing, you know that such outreach is crucial to optimize the success of such events. That’s where LinkedIn has stepped in.  

Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Your Virtual Event

Because LinkedIn is a networking social media site, you should already be utilizing it to interact with your peers and anyone who might be interested in your product. With “LinkedIn Events,” you can expand your outreach efforts by promoting innovative interactive events that highlight your product(s) and/or service(s) and help boost brand recognition. Not only does this multi-faceted digital events promotion tool allow users to promote just about any type of virtual event, but it also comes with a potential in-house audience of almost 750 million active users.

You can pretty much promote any kind of virtual event you can think of. However, LinkedIn has prohibitions on specific events, such as political campaigning and religious events designed to proselytize. Events that include or promote illegal activities and certain vices are also prohibited. 

Set Up and Promote Your Event

Setting up your LinkedIn Event is as easy as clicking on the “Create an event” icon on the Admin tools dropbox of your LinkedIn company page and filling out event details on the online form. These details include the event name, event description, host, speakers, and date and time. You will also designate the event as either public or private and can opt to use a LinkedIn registration form. While you can host the event from any platform, you can also stream it to LinkedIn members on LinkedIn Live

Once your LinkedIn Event has been created, LinkedIn makes it easy to promote it. First off, the platform autogenerates an event announcement that you can immediately share on your LinkedIn timeline and with your connections. You can customize this announcement with images, videos, and relevant information and add LinkedIn hashtags to broaden your organic audience reach. Along with sharing the announcement on your timeline, you can send it in private LinkedIn messages and share it on your other social media platforms. For an even broader outreach, you can publicize your event with LinkedIn ads.

Follow Up Your LinkedIn Event with Analytics

Because your event was a marketing initiative, you undoubtedly want to know how successful it was. LinkedIn has you covered with real-time and post-event analytics that track key performance indicators such as the reach of your event outreach, actual attendance, and engagement.

Moxxi Marketing Keeps Abreast of All Digital Marketing Tools

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