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Elements of a Great Website

Consider These Important Design Elements in Building Your Website

Your business’s website serves as a crucial link between you and your customers. Not only does it provide your existing customers with important information about your services, but it should also work to draw in new business. Thus, whether you are developing a new website or reconfiguring your old one, you need to incorporate design elements that are responsive and attract new website traffic. This includes carefully designed landing pages that capture outside attention and encourage visitors to explore the rest of your website.

Website design is the linchpin of the online marketing services Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing conducts for medical professionals, product retailers, and service providers. With a long-held track record of website development and online marketing success, we are pleased to offer you some tips here that can help you incorporate effective design elements into your website.

Sometimes Less is More!

Keep things as simple as you can when planning your website’s design. This means that you should think about incorporating only what’s needed on each web page to serve your distinct purposes. Too many images, links, widgets, plugins, and written content can easily crowd a web page and overwhelm first-time visitors, who then might decide to move on before initiating meaningful engagement. Naturally, you do not want your website to be too minimalist, but carefully evaluate every element on each web page for their utility and purpose.

Keep the flow of the website in mind, too. You want your customers to be able to easily navigate through the pages and find what they are seeking. Buttons and links should be clear and carefully placed in order to guide people through your website with intuitive ease.

The Importance of Landing Page Design

Landing pages are designed to provide specific information on services and products– and highlight your company’s unique delivery of them. Make sure that you start with an engaging headline that will stimulate interest in reading the subsequent content. It’s good to find a balance between brevity and informativeness. Don’t skip over pertinent information, but your text should succinctly detail the subject matter and your expertise with it. Landing pages should always include a call to action that makes sense and is easily managed by your customer.

Don’t Forget the SEO!

While perhaps not so much elements of design, search engine optimization (SEO) should always be considered in context of your website build. Keywords, links, and backlinks constitute the core of your website’s SEO outreach, and all three should be incorporated into your text. Careful keyword placement and noteworthy links and back links help boost your search engine rankings, which in turn get you more notice from potential customers.

Turn to Moxxi Marketing for your Website Design

There are numerous other design elements that can enhance the power and reach of your website, but the above represent a good start in considering effective website design. Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing’s website design services can help you optimize your website. Not only do we build beautiful websites designed with customer engagement in mind, but build websites that can serve as an online simulation of your brick and mortar business setting. From website development to full-service online marketing, Moxxi Marketing can boost the success of your marketing efforts. Contact us today at 239.228.8837.

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