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Seven Tips to Consider for Effective Email Marketing

With such a wide variety of online marketing tools to choose from these days, you might be tempted to think that one of the oldest—email marketing—has gone the way of the dinosaur. However, you might be surprised to learn that email marketing consistently ranks as one of the most effective online marketing tools available.

Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing has always incorporated email marketing as a core component of its online strategies and has solid record of implementing effective email marketing campaigns for its clients. Based on this success, Moxxi Marketing is pleased to offer you these seven tips for conducting your own email marketing campaigns. You might not be able to implement them all in one fell swoop, but slow and steady wins the race and over time these tips should show results.

Don’t Let Your Emails be Perceived as Annoying

Because your emails are not coming from a personal friend, they are one quick click away from being deleted and/or unsubscribed from. So, the messaging needs to be polite and offer something that may provide value to the recipient. This can be as simple as offering interesting or entertaining text, which can make the recipient more amenable to receiving future emails.

Email timing is a factor here as well, because bombarding a recipient with too many emails will definitely lead to deletions and unsubscribing. In fact, excessive email messaging is the number one reason subscribers flag emails as spam.

Focus on Customer Engagement Rather than Making a Sale

Approach email marketing as enhancing your relationship with the customer rather than a means of making a quick sale. In line with the above suggestion that your email offers value, educate your recipients about your business, give them relevant knowledge-based info that can add something to their lives, and otherwise work on building a relationship.

Consider Segmenting Your Customer List

For better email messaging, work on splitting up your mailing list to better target your customers with emails focused on what you know about them. There are a variety of segmentation strategies, but one example is sending out different messages to existing customers than the ones who’ve yet to make a purchase. A more detailed method is to separate email customer lists based upon their purchasing decisions.

Make Sure the CTA is Enticing

If you’ve crafted the perfectly enticing email marketing message, make sure you follow through with an equally enticing call to action. “Purchase Now!” or “Subscribe” might fall a bit flat when following a strong message, so think about how to make it more descriptive and more closely linked with your primary text.  

Account for Mobile Device Displays

With mobile devices handling more than 50 percent of email traffic these days, your messaging needs to be succinct—especially with the email subject line. If your customer cannot read the full subject line, or otherwise struggles with its intent, the email will likely be passed over and left unread. Consider subject lines that are short, creative, intriguing, and personalized. And, really, this should apply to subject lines in general, not just in consideration of mobile devices.

Don’t Ignore the Preheader

Speaking of subject lines, you have the ability to succinctly summarize the contents of the email in an email preheader, the small line of text that appears in after the subject line in many email inboxes, such as Gmail and Outlook. The preheader function is offered with some email software or can be added by code. As with the subject line, make sure it’s short, creative, intriguing, and personal.

Consider Getting Professional Help with your Email Campaigns

These are just a few of the many techniques online marketers use in the successful promotion of their email campaigns. As online marketing experts with a solid track record of helping healthcare companies build effective online marketing campaigns, Moxxi Marketing is intimately familiar with all email marketing techniques and can help your company boost its email marketing efforts. To learn more about how Moxxi Marketing can help you with all of your healthcare-related online marketing,  Contact us today at 239.228.8837.

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