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Facebook Pages Experience

Facebook Offers Revamped New Page Experience For Businesses

If you manage one of the more than 65 million businesses that utilize Facebook for social media marketing efforts, prepare for some changes because Facebook is giving the site a partial makeover. Facebook is now offering a new “Page experience” designed to help businesses enhance their community engagement and better achieve business objectives. Not to be confused with Google’s new “Page Experience” that expands SEO ranking factors, the new Facebook Page experience involves the layout and interactive features of a business’s Facebook presence. In particular, Facebook’s new Page experience includes:

  • Redesign of the layout that provides a simpler and more intuitive user experience.
  • Ease of navigation between the personal profile and other pages.
  • Dedicated news feed that provides intuitive networking.
  • A de-emphasis on “likes” in exchange for more focus on “followers.”
  • Customizable call-to-action button.
  • A Q&A hosting feature.
  • Powerful new safety and integrity features.
  • Improved page management tools.  

Note that the new Page experience is not available to all Facebook users yet and that the company is continuing to make adjustments to new Page experience features.

“Followers” a Better Signaler of Support Than “Likes”

Facebook’s de-emphasis of likes is perhaps one of the bigger adjustments made by the new Page experience. Classic Facebook pages pretty much treated likes the same as followers. The number of followers indicates the number of people who may be seeing your Page’s updates and posts in their news feed. However, with classic Facebook, merely liking a page automatically made someone a follower unless they opted to press the “unfollow” button.

Because Facebook believes that choosing to intentionally follow rather than just liking serves as a better signal of support, the new Page experience does not include the “likes” feature. Those people who liked and/or followed your classic page will continue to be followers of your new Page, but those who only liked your classic page will not transfer to your new Page as a follower.

Layout and Page Navigation Mark Most Noticeable Change

The new Page experience will give your Facebook page a more streamlined look with an intuitive design that makes it easier to navigate for both the audience and the business’s Facebook administrator(s). Rather than at the top of the page with classic pages, navigation tabs on the new Page experience are located on the left-hand side of the page. The “About” section is also on the left side of the page and the “Our Story” section is no longer included. Facebook recommends that this content should now be included as part of the “Additional Information” section tabbed under the “About” section.

The profile photo now overlaps the bottom left edge of the cover photo, but note that you may need to re-adjust your cover photo as the width of cover photos has slightly increased.  

The new Page experience also includes a prominent call-to-action button that can be customized for different purposes, such as downloading, emailing, messaging, booking,  signing up, or other actions.

Getting Started with FB’s New Page Experience is Easy

These are just a few of the changes you’ll find with Facebook’s new Page experience. The best way to learn more about the features included with the new Page experience is to make the switch. Getting started is as easy as clicking the “New Page Experience” button under settings*. You may have to re-enter your password to confirm the change, but after that, all page content, including posts, photos, videos, stories, blue verification, and any groups under your administration will automatically move to the new Page experience format. Your followers will also transition to your new Facebook page.

Moxxi Marketing Can Help You Optimize for Page Experience

As the world’s largest social media platform with more than 2.2 billion monthly active users, your business should be utilizing Facebook as part of its social media marketing efforts. If you would like assistance in optimizing your company’s Facebook new Page experience or otherwise need to enhance your social media outreach, Moxxi Marketing can help. Whatever your online marketing needs consult with Moxxi Marketing by contacting us today at 239.330.6236.

*This might not be the same for all users

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