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Facebook Changing Business Reviews, Page Templates

Facebook is reportedly phasing out its five-star review function on Facebook business pages, and implementing a new binary “yes” or “no” review system based on “recommendations.” Under this system users are asked whether they would recommend this business. By clicking either yes or no, users can than provide “rich endorsement” text feedback on their experience with the business, as well as upload any related images and add tags.

Businesses who rely on social media marketing need to closely track these and related Facebook business page changes, as they will undoubtedly impact marketing efforts. Those who rely on reputation management software also need to monitor how their providers plan to address these review changes.  

New Facebook “Recommendations” System set for August 24 Launch

While the new system is expected to roll out around August 24, the existing five-star review section will remain on business site pages, but no new star reviews will be accepted. The star system average will continue to display, however, this average will be based on the historical review averages, and reportedly be subject to adjustment based on recommendations given on the new system. It is unclear if, or when, Facebook might decide to completely eliminate the remaining star-based review system.

To further complicate the review changes, the new recommendations system also utilizes a numerical scale to provide an overall recommendation rating. This one to five scale listed within the section explains that the rating is “based on how many people recommend or don’t recommend your Page on Facebook, as well as any past star ratings and reviews it may have.”

A primary reason behind the review changes was to make it easier to flag potential fake reviews for closer examination. Facebook business page owners and users will be able to report potential fake reviews based on a series of criteria, including:

  • Relevancy
  • Fairness
  • Nudity
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Spam
  • Drugs
  • Hate Speech

Because this criteria does not include anything related to veracity, it remains to be seen wither this flagging system will help Facebook business page owners actually cull fake reviews from their sites.

Facebook Also Introducing New Business Page Templates

Along with the new recommendation feature, Facebook is offering new templates to all registered Facebook business pages. If you’re a business owner with a Facebook business page, you should have received an email notification stating that, “We want you to know that your Page’s template will be changing.” The notice goes on to state, “The new layout is specifically for business like your and will showcase important information about your business,” by allowing the addition of hours, prices and more. Businesses are given the option to make the change themselves, or await the automatic update on August 24. The notice concludes that business owners can also opt to continue to use their existing templates by going to their Facebook site’s “Page Settings” section.

The changed templates are designed to better emphasize specific information according to the type of business being promoted. Templates offered include standard, shopping, business, venues, movies, services, politicians, restaurants, non-profit and video. The templates will allow business owners to add industry-specific call to action buttons to their pages that will provide users with an easy means of booking appointments, placing orders, or otherwise contacting the business.   

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