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How to Create a Bing Business Page in 2020

Bing Business Pages is one of the newest additions to Microsoft’s suite of services and tools.

Key takeaways of Bing Business Pages (Beta):

  • Aggregate your social media feeds into a clean one-page showcase of your brand
  • Allows you to promote one social media post for free for 24 hours or until 10K impressions
  • Update and customize your Outlook profile from Bing Pages

Bing Search is Microsoft’s own search engine, like Google search. Aside from traditional desktop browser use, Bing Search capabilities can be found in a variety of products you may not commonly consider such as:

  • Microsoft Office Suite + Skype
  • Voice Search from Amazon Alexa
  • Voice Search from Microsoft’s Cortana
  • Other search engines partner with Bing like Yahoo and AOL
  • Xbox Microsoft Store

Bing represents a large share of online search engine power, in 2019 it made accounted for 36% of US desktop searches. While Bing competes with Google, optimizing your online presence for both search engines are invaluable for creating a well-rounded, SEO-optimized online marketing experience.

What Is Bing Business Pages (Beta)?

Around April 2019, Google formally closed its Google+ Program. Google+ was Google’s attempt at creating a social media platform. This presented a new shift of focus for Google, they started implementing new features into Google My Business such as the ability to list services, create social media-like posts, and connect with customers with messaging.

Bing Business Pages is Bing’s response to that. This is currently a beta program that lets users manage their presence across Microsoft products like Bing, and Outlook. Participants who are accepted receive their own page on Bing to highlight key contact information as well as their social media channels.

bing biz blog moxxi bing biz page
Our own Bing Business Page!

Bing Business Page Benefits

In short, Bing Pages delivers a sleek profile with your social media channels and website available for users who find you in online search. It has a modern design to easily highlight your brand and social media.

bing biz blog from bing search
Bing Pages shows up above your Bing Places listing. It’s a great showcase of your business online!

It also allows you to promote one social media post at a time, for free for 24 hours, or until it hits 10K Impressions! We can likely expect to see some of these details change over time as it develops out of beta.

How Do I Get A Bing Business Page?

Many types of professions such as: small businesses, bloggers, influencers, artists and athletes are eligible for Bing Business Pages. Furthermore, you must:

  1. Have a public Twitter account
  2. A public social media profile with 100 followers
  3. Have recently posted to one of the accounts in the last 30 days
  4. Microsoft email account

Signing up for a Bing Business Page is simple. Navigate to the Bing Pages signup page and follow the prompts for “Get Started.” From there, enter key details about your business, as well as some information for your social media accounts. After submission, Microsoft says they will be in touch about your Bing Business Page status is about 3 business days.

bing biz blog sign up form
Bing Pages Sign-Up Form

If after 3 business days, you still have not heard from Microsoft, contact them via Be sure to reference the Twitter handle that you submitted with your profile so they can locate your submission faster. Be sure to also check your spam filter and junk inbox for any messages from

After you receive the URL to your page, you can adjust some features of your page, such as which social media channels to highlight. You can also begin boosting one social media post per 24 hours.

You can also add the Google Chrome Bing Pages Extension. The browser extension makes it simple to instantly access your Bing Page for any edits, management, or analysis.

It is important to note the program is still in Beta; and is bound to expand and unroll new features as it continues to test and improve. Our team is excited to stay on the latest trends from Microsoft and Google to bring our clients the latest in modern online marketing.

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