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What’s in a Name?—Google “AdWords” Shifts to “Google Ads”

If you rely on Google AdWords as part of your online marketing strategy, change is afoot, as the Internet tech giant has rebranded AdWords into the new Google Ads. Effective July 24, the rebrand comes with a revised platform and other changes, but Google insists that changes “to the Google Ads branding will not impact your campaign performance, navigation, or reporting.”

This Google statement is re-assuring; however, any evolution in the grand matrix of the digital marketplace generally represents both challenges and opportunities. So, what exactly is changing in context with this AdWords rebrand.

Primary Differences Between AdWords and Google Ads

Perhaps the biggest difference online marketers will notice with the change is how Google Ads’ features are accessed. While Google had introduced a new AdWords interface earlier this year, marketers could retain the previous AdWords platform view. Google Ads only uses the new interface, which means the old Adwords interface will be phased out.

The new Google Ads interface includes artificial intelligence (AI) that will allow for automatic key optimizations to the ads, and a new dashboard that provides segmented performance measurement metric viewing, along with AI-suggested recommended actions to take. Thus, not only does the new dashboard make it easier to discern the meaning of all the various data offered, but also receive recommendations on potential best actions to take to improve the numbers. Plus, marketers can customize the dashboard to mix and match the various data fields into whatever configuration best represents their most important performance measurements. 

AdWords Express is also being phased out and being replaced with similar “Smart Ads” and Smart Campaigns” features. These new feature, which are also designed for small businesses, are supposed to make it even easier for businesses to create ads and  implement campaigns, while ensuring that the right audiences are targeted.

Other Components of Google’s Rebranding

If you use Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange or DoubleClick for Publishers, these two tools are being combined and rebranded under the new Google Ad Manager. This new platform is designed to make it even easier for advertisers on Google to reach people on other platforms, such as TVs, gaming, Internet live streams, apps, gaming, and any emerging platforms.

Google Analytics 360 and the DoubleClick advertiser network are being combined and rebranded under the new Google Marketing Platform, which will also host a number of other new Google features, covering such items as video, surveys, tags, searches, and optimization. Overall, the rebranded platform is designed to help marketers “plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experience in one place,” according to Google.   

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