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Google Display Ads Offer a Great Return on your Digital Marketing Investment

Google Display Ads Offer a Great Return on your Digital Marketing Investment

If you’re not using Google Display Ads as part of your online marketing efforts, then you might be missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet. In fact, Google Display Ads might offer you one of the biggest returns you can get for your advertising dollars.

How, you ask?

Well, read on to learn more about what exactly a Google Display Ad is and how they provide numerous benefits to a business running an online marketing campaign.  

So, What is a Google Display Ad?

While searching the internet or visiting websites you’ve undoubtedly seen visual advertisements that appear at the top of a page or on the far left or far right side of it. Consisting of attention-grabbing text and at least one call to action (CTA) response button and usually including eye-catching imagery and/or a quick video, Google Display Ads are designed to drive sales of a specific product, generate sales leads, and raise brand awareness through their exposure on the Google Ad Display Network. 

Google offers its Display Ads as either static banner type or responsive. While banner-style Display Ads always display the exact image you upload in the same way, responsive Display Ads can automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit a variety of ad spaces depending on the web page it might be appearing on. Thus, a single responsive Display Ad might appear on one web page as a large image ad but show up as a small text ad on another website, increasing versatility but reducing creative control.

Google Display Ads Offer Massive Potential Reach

The number of eyes that might actually see your Google Display Ad is astronomical, given that the Google Display Network covers more than two million websites that reach at least 90 percent of Internet traffic. You may not have the advertising bucks to take full advantage of that reach, but no other media—television, radio, print, etc.—offers such tremendous reach potential for so few relative dollars.

Advertising Success Boosted by Targeting Options

Google makes it easy to reach a specific market with a variety of targeting options. You can target based on your market’s subject-matter interest as gleaned from web sites they frequently visit or target a market based on current search activities. If your business involves soccer equipment, for example, your targeting could focus on people who frequent soccer-related websites and/or those in search of soccer apparel/equipment. With targeting you can further narrow down your target market by setting demographic parameters such as age, gender, and physical location.

Targeting isn’t just a one-time initiative, as you are always able to adjust your targeting and ad placements based on historic results or even just to try a new tact. And Google provides valuable free tools such as Analytics and Audience Insights to further help your targeting efforts by showing you what’s working and what’s not.  

Google Display Ads Can Boost Brand Awareness

The ability to target helps boost what may be the biggest benefit of Google Display Ads—that is, brand awareness. By targeting your market, your desired audience is much more likely to see your ad and become familiar with your brand. And increasing the number of people who become familiar with your brand will inevitably lead to an increase in sales. 

Additionally, your brand recognition gets an even bigger boost through Google Display Ads remarketing. This occurs when someone visits your website and then sees your Google Display Ad on another website. By visiting your website, the person expressed at least some interest in your business, so Google targets them with remarketing. While it may prove a bit off-putting for some people, on the whole remarketing is a proven sales and brand promotion strategy.   

Turn to Moxxi Marketing for your Google Display Ad Needs

If you would like to try using Google Display Ads as part of your business’s online marketing efforts, Moxxi Marketing can help you tailor targeted ads that will boost brand exposure and sales. Whatever your online marketing needs learn how Moxxi Marketing can help grow your business with a powerful online marketing presence and/or campaign, by contacting us today at 239.330.6236.

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