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Google My Business posts for online marketing in Naples

Get Creative and Take Advantage of Google My Business “Posts”

Google My Business (GMB) has emerged as one of the best tools a business can use to manage how its company is featured throughout all Google products and platforms. Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing believes that GMB should be an integral component of every company’s online marketing strategy, and has long kept close tabs on its evolution. Among the more unique features offered by Google My Business is the ability to include a “post” front and center in a company’s GMB listing. Not only do these posts help improve local search rankings for a company, but they allow it to prominently feature any number of different messages specifically targeting potential customers in Google search results.

What is the Difference Between a GMB Listing and Post?

While GMB listings and posts can both elevate local search rankings, the listing is designed to provide customers with basic information and reviews about the company, while a post delivers a direct message to potential customers and can include a call to action. Think of the post as being an attention-getting advert located on the GMB listing’s knowledge panel. And as an advert, the post provides numerous messaging options and subsidiary tools for establishing a connection with potential customers. Types of GMP posts include:

  • Sales Promotions
  • Order Online
  • Special Events
  • Learn More
  • Place an Order
  • Book an Appointment
  • Online Coupons
  • Or Any Creative Messaging

GMB posts can include images, call-to-action buttons, and links to a landing page or your business’s website. While posts allow up to 300 words, shorter copy of 80 to 100 words is preferred, as the number of characters that actually display is dependent upon the device being used. Device type can also impact the look of any graphics or images used in posts, so these should be double-checked for quality and how they display on different devices. Because posts will be included in local listing searches, they should be optimized with keywords and the most important messaging included early in the text.

All in all, GMB posts represent a mix of marketing, public relations, and search engine optimization that provides your company with a unique means of directly reaching out to potential customers. While the posts may seem relatively minor within the scope of Google My Business features, they can pack a big punch with both your customers and local search ranking. Thus, companies should think creatively when designing GMB posts and in determining what messaging you want the posts to convey.   

Google+ Going the Way of the Dinosaur

Speaking of evolution, Google is shutting down its Google+ social media platform due to limited adoption by Google users and the recent discovery of a data bug within the platform. Moxxi Marketing has utilized Google+ for some of its clients, but will now encourage those clients who haven’t already done so to shift their Google+ focus into Google My Business.

If you would like to learn more about Google My Business, or are having a difficult time successfully navigating through all of the useful Google My Business features, consider contacting Moxxi Marketing. Our team of marketing experts has a long-held track record of helping companies successfully launch and maintain online marketing campaigns that achieve solid, measurable results. We are experts at utilizing Google in our campaigns, and keep up to date with Google’s evolution, and all emerging digital media trends to make sure that your online presence does not lose direction due to technological change, or otherwise get lost in the ever-expanding Internet space. From full-service social media marketing to targeted campaigns, Moxxi Marketing can boost your social media status and online presence. Contact us today at 239.228.8837.

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