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Google My Business Short Names

Boost Your Online Presence with Google My Business Short Names

If you follow the Moxxi Marketing blog then you know that we are strong proponents of using Google My Business (GMB) as an essential part of any online marketing strategy. We recently detailed benefits of using GMB Posts, and now it’s time to review another emerging feature—GMB Short Names! Read on as Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing explains how your business can use GMB Short Names to expand the reach of your digital marketing efforts.

What Can a GMB Short Name Do for my Business?

Simply put, GMB Short Names provide businesses an easy way to enhance their presence on Google. The feature does this by:

  • Providing a unique, easy-to-remember, short name similar to an Instagram handle.
  • Simplifying your GMB URL for quick and easy access.
  • Making it easier for you to share your business’s GMB listing with clients.

How do GMB Short Names Work?

Offered free to any business with a GMB listing, the abbreviated short name URL directs users to the associated listing on Google Maps. When used well, the short name and associated URL should also be simple to remember and make it easier for clients to find your business on Google. Google suggests that you share your short name and short URL with clients however you can—whether by text, email, or by putting it on display at your location. They also suggest that your short name be associated with the business name most commonly used by your customers, and note that you can add your location as part of the short name.

Some examples of Short Names and their Associated URLs are:

BusinessShort NameShort URL
Gardner Plastic

Some examples of Short Names are:

BusinessShort Name
Moxxi Marketing@moxximarketing
FCI Painting@fcipainting
Gardner Plastic Surgery@gardner-plastic-surgery

How do I Get a GMB Short Name?

If you are a Moxxi Marketing client, then we have already created a short name and associated URL for you. If not, then we suggest that you login to your GMB account as soon as possible to claim the best short name for your business.

Adding or Checking Your GMB Short Name

Here is how you can add your GMB Short Name or otherwise check up on it (and note, Google allows you to change your short name three times per year).

Add a Short Name from Your GMB Profile

1. Sign in to the Google account under which you manage your GMB listing.

2. Once logged in, go to the “info” tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. On the right-hand side look for the field for entering your short name, which is marked by the @ symbol. The pencil edit icon will allow you to input or change your short name and automatically create the associated short URL.

Check Your Short Name on Google Maps

1. Search for your business via the search bar.

2. When you see your GMB listing click the “Share” button.

3. The pop-up link should display your short URL, with

4. You can share to Facebook and Twitter from this dialogue box.

Google is Always Adding New Business Features!

Over the past year Google has been releasing new GMB features more frequently than ever, and they don’t show signs of stopping any time soon! Moxxi Marketing keeps close track of all Google My Business feature updates, and we’ll be sure to share our findings with you.

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