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Google Voice Now Available to G Suite Subscribers as Fee-Based Phone Service

Google Voice Now Available to G Suite Subscribers as Fee-Based Phone Service

Google’s G Suite subscribers can now add Google Voice to their subscription as a fee-based phone service. While Google Voice for G Suite had been available over the past year to early adopters for beta testing, the service is now fully open to all G Suite subscribers.

Note that the Google Voice add-on is not available to Google Drive users. If you find this confusing then perhaps you are not clear on the difference between G Suite and Google Drive. G Suite and Google Drive share similarities, are connected with each other, and are fee-based. However, most of Google Drive apps can be used for free on a stand-alone basis. G Suite is a fee-based service designed specifically for business enterprises that provides them with business-grade apps not available under Google Drive plans or as stand-alone free apps. Thus, while G Suite subscribers get all of the apps provided by Google Drive, subscribers to Google Drive do not get the G Suite Apps, which now includes Google Voice as an add-on service.

Google Voice Designed as an “Easy-to-Use” Phone Solution

Google Voice is a cloud-based VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) system that allows businesses to set up their employees with work numbers that accept and place calls from any connected device, from smartphones to laptops. Available under three monthly fee configurations—$10, $20, and $30— to accommodate businesses of all sizes, Google Voice is easy to set up and manage, and allows smooth migration with integrated phone numbers to avoid any interruption of business. Google Voice is also integrated with other G Suite apps, such as its messaging applications, contacts and calendar.

Plenty of Features with Each Google Voice Pricing Plan

Along with integration with other G Suite apps, Google Voice offers these standard features with all three price plans:

  • Free calling to U.S. from any country
  • Free U.S. to Canada calling
  • Unlimited text messaging in the U.S.
  • Call forwarding
  • 24/7 support

The difference between the $10 per-month plan and the other two plans is that the number of users and domestic locations is restricted to 10 each, and it does not allow for international locations. The $20 per-month plan allows an unlimited number of users and domestic locations, but also does not allow for international locations. The $30 per-month plan provides for unlimited users and locations.

Other features offered with all three plans include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-based transcribing of voicemails
  • AI-based call filtering and spam blocking
  • Text-to-speech-enabled creation of call menus in nine languages
  • Text-to-speech-enabled routing of callers
  • One-spot central administration of all features
  • Almost-instant new number set-up for added G Suite users

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