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No matter what your business or service, effective marketing in today’s world is driven by how you present yourself on the internet. Every business, from medical services to product retailers, needs to maintain a powerful web presence in order to successfully utilize the new paradigm in marketing. Known by various names, such as “online marketing,” “internet marketing” and “content marketing,” this new standard is proving far more effective than the old-school, “outbound marketing” model.

This new “inbound” marketing strategy drives results because it interacts with potential customers rather just pushing a “buy me” type message on them. It organically establishes a rapport with customers via the internet by offering content that provides them value. This establishes a connection with the customer, encourages engagement and establishes brand recognition, while potentially sharing this connection with the customer’s network of friends and associates.

Marketing Consulting that Drives Results

Moxxi Marketing has long been at the forefront of this ongoing evolution of internet marketing, and we are finely attuned to developing online marketing strategies that deliver superior returns. As a boutique marketing agency, we work with a limited number of clients exclusive to specific industries within a targeted geographic location. This allows us to tailor our expertise by profession and business locale, giving us keen insight into each business’s operations, and the ability to build a successful online marketing campaign from the inside out.

Marketing Audit

Our online marketing strategy begins with a comprehensive examination of your website and online presence to assess its current level of effectiveness. We also study the overall online presence of your industry, as well as your geographically distinct competition, to determine if there are any online trends specific to your industry that need to be followed and evaluate online search patterns at both the macro and micro level. Our audit is designed to collate the most up-to-date information about your industry and distinct business practices, to see how effectively they are interacting with the online world. We use all of this audit information to tailor your search engine optimization and online marketing strategy with the goal of ensuring you the most powerful, results-driven web presence possible.

Conversion-Focused Marketing

One of the key strategies we employ is known as conversion-focused marketing. This entails keeping your customers engaged on your site, and then encouraging them to take the next step in their emerging relationship with you. We create content for your website and ancillary online presence designed to convince the customer to say “yes” to the special offer, click the “contact us” button, or take other actions that further advance your relationship with them.

Social Media Marketing

Because your website can easily get lost in the ever-expanding internet landscape, you need to extend your online presence across the different realms of social media, which have emerged as the dominant platforms for interconnectivity across the web. Moxxi Marketing has long integrated social media as a component of online marketing efforts and will include social media marketing as a key part of your business strategy. Our graphic design team will outfit your page with smooth, professional and aesthetically pleasing profile imagery, as well as custom made post images. Our social media strategy aims to balance community engagement, building your following, and linking back to your website for a truly effective result.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is an essential component for your online marketing success. Through strategic content marketing, coding and technical structure, your company will see a return on investment as your website targets customers looking for the services you provide. Quality is the cornerstone of our SEO strategy– search engines strive to provide users with quality websites containing information that is relevant to their search. We create websites that are technically sound and filled with meaningful, relevant content. Search engines pick up on this, leading to a higher page ranking for your site, and in turn, more conversions.

Email Marketing

We have closely tracked the evolution of email marketing as part of our focus on the rapid progression of overall online marketing. As such, we provide our clients with email marketing campaigns that incorporate exceptional custom design work with emails that encourage customer response and engagement.

Pay Per Click (SEM)

Pay-Per-Click Marketing or PPC lets you jump to the top of rankings, by paying for ads to be displayed in key positions on a search results page. With the right budget and strategy, you can obtain immediate high visibility for even the most competitive keywords. Unlike the majority of PPC account managers, we optimize your PPC campaign weekly. An effective PPC strategy requires constant updates, tests, and modifications to get the most out of your investment. PPC is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technique which is intricately woven into the overall marketing plan.

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