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Whether a medical professional, product retailer or service provider, your business website serves as the first glimpse most potential patients or customers will have of your business. As much as you want your clients to feel comfortable in your physical workspace, you also need to extend that comfort into your website. To convert visitors into paying customers you want your first impression to make a statement about the quality, professionalism and culture of the company. At first glance your website landing pages should capture the attention of the visitor and draw them to explore the website. Using strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons, images and links your website can promote engagement and in turn conversions.

Moxxi Marketing’s website design service incorporates effective graphic design, coding, SEO, content, as well as other tools needed to ensure website marketing success for your business. But our design work also strives to bring your business to life on your web pages; to make your website an extension of your business that is almost indistinguishable from your real-world setting.

Our website design serves as the cornerstone of the internet marketing package we will develop for you and your business. Social media efforts, content marketing, and all online marketing efforts flow from—and dovetail back to—the website. Thus, in configuring your website our design team is keenly attuned to ensuring that it incorporates the following elements:

  • Analysis of your competitors
  • Unique branding
  • Mobile optimization
  • Strategic menu layout
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Engaging content
  • Reviews showcased
  • Social targeting

Before Art Comes Consulting

Our website design work always starts with consultation with you, our client, with the aim of fully understanding your practice or business and the goals for your website marketing strategy. This consultation also helps us begin outlining the template, layout and aesthetics of your website’s design. The more we know about your business and web marketing goals, the better our skilled web designers can bring the essence of your medical practice or other business to life on your web pages.

We Go Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Research is another crucial ingredient in the early phases of our website design work. Among our research goals is determining who your competition is, and how we can make your website “stand out from the crowd.” In making your website stand out from the crowd, we also strive to figure out how to keep your site visitors engaged on its pages. Along with ensuring that your site will be user friendly, we also are attuned to finding innovations within the design and layout that will help keep your customers engaged. And yes, keyword research is always a primary component of our SEO website design research.

Moxxi Marketing Websites Are Geared for Expansion

In today’s fast-paced business climate, a company cannot afford to be static, and neither can its website. That’s why Moxxi Marketing incorporates room for expansion and renovation within the context of its website design work. Our websites are designed to make it easy to add new sections, functions and pages, and to easily reconfigure existing pages. Since the mobile web has overtaken desktop website viewing, our website designs are always mobile responsive.

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