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Understanding Landing Page Basics

Your Naples, Florida-area business undoubtedly promotes itself with a website and you are familiar with its primary pages, such as homepage, about page, contact page, and perhaps a blog page. But do you know what a “landing” page is? And no, it’s not another term for the home page, based on the mistaken belief that “landing” refers to successfully getting visitors to your site. A landing page is a distinct marketing tool with a single-goal focus of encouraging a response from those landing on it. While standard web pages can also encourage a response, they tend to be multi-functional and multi-purposeful. Landing pages, which can also be called “lead capture,” “static,” and “destination” pages exist solely to generate a “call-to-action” (CTA) response. 

For example, if you were interested in generating new customer leads for your Southwest Florida spa business you might create a landing page that offers a discount coupon for facial products in exchange for inputting one’s email address. Lead generation is just one highly popular type of landing page. Equally popular are sales generating landing pages, known as “clickthroughs,” with the name describing the online sales process of clicking through the checkout process. 

Other popular landing page CTAs include:

  • Take advantage of special offers
  • Fill out a survey
  • Encourage social media following
  • Contact the company (now)
  • Subscribe to a service, publication, or notifications
  • Donate to a cause
  • Request more information

Focus is Landing Page Key

Landing pages are typically designed with few distractions in order to maintain the single-goal focus. And sure, landing pages should be just as visually appealing or textually engaging as standard web pages, but all elements are designed to steer the audience’s attention to the CTA. This often means that the only links you might find on a landing page involve the CTA and are typically prominent on the page. That said, many landing pages incorporate social media sharing icons to promote their public spread.  Just make sure that such icons open in a new tab or window so that visitors aren’t taken away from the landing page and its CTA. Some landing pages allow visitors to navigate to the company’s homepage, but connections to other web pages are usually absent.

How to Get Visitors to Come in for a Landing

Any landing pages included among your standard website pages rely on-site links on other pages and on other websites to drive visitors to it. Stand-alone landing pages need much more aggressive outreach to drive traffic to them. With both types, most companies actively encourage landing page visitation through a variety of initiatives, both paid and unpaid, including:

  • Ad links on social media
  • Ad links on Google and Google Ads
  • Email marketing links
  • Enticing links on your other web pages
  • Organic traffic strategizing
  • Landing Page Optimization

Enhance your Marketing with Landing Pages by Moxxi Marketing

The online marketing experts at Moxxi Marketing have extensive experience developing results-oriented landing pages for businesses in the Naples, Florida area. From website development to full-service online marketing and targeted campaigns, Moxxi Marketing can significantly boost your online marketing results. Contact us today at 239.330.6236.

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