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Boost Your Website’s Search Results Ranking with Structured Data

If your business relies on a website for marketing, you’re undoubtedly familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) and understand the importance of keywords and a few other SEO best practices. But are you aware of structured data, or schema? It’s a special kind of code that helps search engines such as Google efficiently interpret the most relevant information on your web pages to optimize search results. In fact, along with improving search results, structured data can help improve the clarity of your web pages’ displayed search results in ways that can increase user click-throughs to your pages.

Also referred to as “Schema,” structured data is hidden code written expressly for search engines in a specific format to help them better understand what a page is about. In short, the structured data code eliminates the search engine’s need to interpret page information by specifically telling the search engine what the most important information is. Instead of the search engine having to guess that the page is describing a certain good or service, the structured data specifically tells the search engine upfront.  

Search engines may also use structured data to create rich snippets used for some search results. Rich snippets add extra information and interactive features to search results listings and structured data can be used to help direct what extra information and features you would like to see included. An informative and detailed rich snippet is more likely to generate clicks, which can further improve your website’s search rankings. is Key to Structured Data

Search engine interaction with structured data is powered by, a project created by the biggest search engine companies to provide a taxonomy of code formats that can be understood and used by the search engines. Schema details how to write the code and how to include it on your webpages. Users can copy structured data code from and adapt the code for your particular page’s needs. As an open-source code, there are a number of different forms of structured data and new code is constantly being added to expand structured data capability.

Perhaps needless to say, but Google is a primary schema backer and offers tips on how to build, test and utilize structured data. In fact, you might want to refer to Google’s structured data information portal before turning to Google also offers users a rich results testing tool to help gauge the effectiveness of structured data code and its placement.  

Struggle with Code?—Use a Plugin or Online Marketing Specialist

If you struggle with coding, many website development plugins can automatically add structured data markups to your website. For example, if you use WordPress, Yoast SEO offers several structured data features to meet your different SEO needs. No need to write code, as you just input some relevant information that Yoast converts to the necessary code.   

If this extra layer of SEO seems daunting, or you are just too busy trying to run other elements of your business, consider using the services of an online marketing expert. Moxxi Marketing has extensive SEO experience and a solid track record in developing results-oriented online marketing campaigns for businesses in the Naples, Florida area. From website development to full-service online marketing and targeted campaigns, Moxxi Marketing can significantly boost your online marketing results. Contact us today at 239.330.6236.

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