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Why Blogs Are Important for Your Business’s Online Presence

Most people who run small businesses understand the importance of maintaining an online presence, but many do not comprehend the underlying components that boost the effectiveness of digital marketing. Along with a “build a website, and they will come” mentality about digital marketing, many business owners and managers do not have time to figure out the nuances of building a successful online presence.

One of those nuances is blogging, a key component of building and maintaining a robust online presence. However, many small businesses do not keep a regular blog on their websites. Whether because of resource constraints or a “what’s the point of it” sentiment, such companies are rejecting a cornerstone of digital marketing. A cornerstone that is believed to produce 67% more leads for companies that blog over those that do not.

So, let’s take a closer look at the humble blog and assess how you can use it to supercharge your small business’s online presence.

Blogging Helps Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your business’s website likely draws customer views from those searching for the products and/or services you sell. Because customer views can lead to sales, anything you can do to capture more views should lead to greater sales. You also face competition for those customer views, which makes getting your website easily noticed in the search results especially important. Blogging can boost customer views organically and by improving your ranking in search engine results.

Providing customers with relevant information on your blog can help establish you as a thought leader and raise your brand profile. Customers who read your blog will gain a deeper insight into your business, products, and services, which can help build customer interest and trust and distinguish you from competitors.

This alone should help boost traffic, but blogging is also an excellent search engine optimization (SEO) tool. Every new blog post adds an indexed page to your website that can be picked up by search engines and help your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP). Search engines love finding new content, and when that content is optimized with relevant keywords and backlinks, those blogs you craft can significantly raise your SERP position. Companies with static, unchanging websites typically see their SERP position fall.

Your Blogs Strengthen Customer Relationships

By providing your customers with valuable information, your blogs can help create a bond with your customer base, generating more sales. Your blog can also help you learn more about your customers through feedback from readers or through blog analytics that can help you determine which blog topics are receiving the most customer engagement.

That relationship can be further strengthened by connecting your blog activity to your social media feeds. Your blogs can serve as the primary content for your social media, enhancing your social media presence, which in turn can drive more customers to your website.

Your Blog Can Generate Leads

Each blog you post provides you with the opportunity of capturing leads through calls to action. Whether to entice your customers to schedule an appointment, sign up for a free offer, join your mailing list, or receive more information about a product or service, your blog can seek out leads.

Where to Get Content for Your Business’s Blog

Starting a business blog may seem daunting, but the easiest way to get started is to write what you know. If your company is introducing a new product or service, write about it in a blog. In fact, you can use your blog to provide in-depth information about any popular products and services you offer. Additionally, consider highlighting any company success stories in your blogs, as well as any customer success stories. If your company has helped save people money, made a positive impact on the community, or helped improve a customer’s life, let the public know about it in your blog.

You know your business, so use your blog to showcase your knowledge by reviewing industry trends, statistics, and any news that might be relevant to your customers. Some products and/or services you offer may generate a lot of frequently asked questions. A great way to showcase your sector expertise is with FAQ-style blogs that answer those frequently asked questions in advance. These blogs can prove especially popular when readers realize that they “hadn’t thought of that” or otherwise learn something important that they did not know.

Or Turn to Moxxi Marketing for Blogging Expertise

If you want to initiate a blog on your business’s website but don’t have the resources needed to actively or constructively produce regular blogs, consult with the online marketing experts at Moxxi Marketing. We have over a decade of experience developing digital marketing strategies that produce data-driven results for medical practitioners and other local business clients. To learn more, contact Moxxi Marketing today at 239.330.6236.

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