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Facebook Ads

Your Social Media Campaign Should Absolutely Include Facebook Ads

If you’re not using Facebook advertising as part of your social media marketing efforts, then you are missing out on one of the most cost-effective and strategic means of reaching your target audience. With more than 2 billion monthly Facebook users, representing about 80% of the online population, Facebook has by far the biggest reach of all social media platforms (Google excluded, as it is not technically a social media platform). Additionally, Facebook advertising provides multiple unique options that can be tailored according to marketing objectives and target markets. In fact, no other social media platform comes close to Facebook in offering such a breadth of options in both targeting a specific market and in how you engage with it.

Naples, Florida-based Moxxi Marketing incorporates Facebook advertising into its inbound marketing strategies, with a resultant strong record of measurable success with Facebook-oriented marketing campaigns. If your Facebook Ad efforts are failing to meet your marketing goals, or you have not yet figured out how to maximize Facebook’s marketing potential, read on to learn more about the benefits of using this valuable marketing tool.

More Bang for the Buck with Targeted Marketing

Facebook knows far more about its users than any other social media platform. The company leverages this information to allow you to target potential customers by age, location, gender, interests, behavior, activities, and anything else that might be made apparent by their interactions on Facebook. While traditional advertising blankets an entire market that might be present on a particular medium, Facebook ads can be tailored for delivery to those most likely to have any interest in your product or service.

Thus, if you’re selling skateboards and related gear in southwest Florida, you can plug in parameters that will help dictate who will see your ad. Right off the bat you can ensure that you are not wasting ad views on many folks over age 40, who most likely do not skateboard. And, that culling of the potential ad market equals savings on ad expenditures. Other targeting parameters can further narrow the field to help the ad reach those most likely to be interested in skateboards—or whatever your product or service—in your area (or online).  

Tailor Your Customer Interaction to Better Meet Your Goals

Whatever product or service you are selling, the goal of your advertising is to promote customer interaction with your brand. Sales are undoubtedly a key component of this interaction, but there are subsidiary goals that marketers might be seeking through social media-based advertising. In fact, along with target marketing, your ad campaign should also have clear goals about the results sought. Along with boosting sales, do you want the ads to:

  • Drive traffic to your website?
  • Lead potential customers to your physical place of business?
  • Generate leads?
  • Encourage user to interact with your Facebook page?
  • Expand the reach of your brand?
  • Engage with potential customers in some other way?

Whatever your Facebook ad goals, you should have a clear sense of them prior to initiating an ad campaign, because Facebook provides numerous options for meeting the full slate of marketing objectives. Among the possible Facebook ads you can run are:

  • Engagement ads—generate continued engagement with existing customers.
  • Acquisition ads—draw in new potential customers.
  • Page likes—enhance brand awareness; assess target market.
  • Post promotion—boost brand awareness; expand target market.
  • Website conversions—through engagement with a call to action.
  • Website clicks—drive traffic to your website.
  • Brand awareness—boost your exposure by showing why customers should engage with it.
  • Local ads—enhance brand awareness on the local level.
  • Special offers—potential sales from existing customers and attract new customers.
  • Event promotions—draw your customers in and get them to spread the word.
  • Lead generation—collect potential customer info directly on Facebook.

Turn to Moxxi Marketing to Help you Navigate Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising offers one of the most cost-effective and innovative means for a company to engage with its target market. However, many business owners are daunted by trying to figure out how to mount the most efficient Facebook ad campaign. If this describes you, our team of marketing experts has a long-held track record of helping companies successfully launch and maintain social media marketing campaigns that achieve robust, measurable results. We are experts at developing customized inbound marketing campaigns to meet the unique needs of our clients, and ensure that they are getting the most from their online presence. From full-service online marketing to targeted campaigns, Moxxi Marketing can boost the success of your marketing efforts. Contact us today at 239.228.8837.

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